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The Tour: Driveway

November 10th, 2012

I have received lots of requests for a tour of the new place here in Maine. We’re still unpacking some things and settling in. I’m a little reluctant to to a tour since there has been no painting, only cleaning and unpacking. There are also still things in boxes and we have to paint before some things can be put away. I guess all the images will make great before photos for my before & after posts – so here starts to tour. Additional areas will be toured in upcoming weeks and I’ll add links to the bottom of the posts.

I’ll start with the driveway, which deserves it’s own post. After all, we have our own road name and our own curvy road sign.

It’s a long driveway, about a third of a mile, which we actually like after living so close to the road back in Ohio. It’s good to know that when I let Dexter outside, I don’t have to worry about traffic on the road.

There are all kinds of twists and turns which take you through the woods and up the hill. It’s pretty steep; thank goodness we now have an old truck with a plow to keep the road cleared in winter.

Almost every day, we take the dog and walk down the driveway to get the mail. It’s the perfect walk in the middle of the afternoon. It stretches your legs, wakes you up, gets the blood flowing, and invigorates you for the rest of the afternoon.

Sometimes we even get lucky and Dexter joins us on our stroll. He usually meets us halfway down when we’re on our way back.

This is the view back down from the top, well almost the top. There’s still a little bit of driveway to go, but you would see the house and garage/barn if I included it. That will come next week.

No doubt there will be times in the middle of the winter when we can’t make it up the hill. That’s OK with us, we’re always prepared with boots and extra socks in the car. That won’t be anything new either, several times each winter we would be unable to get up our rather steep driveway back in Ohio as well. We’d rather have to hike up the driveway a few times each winter than live too close to the road!

How long is your driveway? Is it curvy, steep, gravel, paved?

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