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Rebuilding the Past

April 20th, 2013

One of my hobbies is building rock walls. Back in Ohio, I built them all around the garden. Yesterday I spent time rebuilding and repairing a rock wall along the front of the new garden area.
rock walls 2
The original wall was in terrible shape, no longer resembling a rock wall at all, it looked more like a pile of stones instead.  You can see it in the photos below, just barely sticking up on the right hand side of the photo.  The large tree is the one you see in the second photo behind the wall.
rebuilding the rock wall
rock walls 1
After a few hours of work, I managed to rebuild about 20 feet of it up to a height of about two feet tall.  This is just small portion of the walls I will eventually build.  Just to enclose this new garden I’m going to need a couple hundred feet of rock walls. When I think of how long I will need this wall to be, I might cap it at two feet!
rock walls 3
You can see the continuation of this wall back into the woods.  It continues the entire length of our property, which is pretty far. Though it is in rough shape in some sections.
rock walls 4
I think one of the reasons I like building rocks walls so much is because I really enjoy puzzles. Rock walls are just real life puzzles that you don’t have to take apart and put back in the box when you’re finished.

What’s one of your hobbies besides gardening?

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