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Happy Feet and Melonade

April 11th, 2011

Yesterday was the first day of sandal season – and that makes me very happy. I’m a sandal gal, I really HATE wearing shoes. Typically I always go barefoot in the house and wear sandals outside. My sandals are always Keens if you remember from my Friday Favorite Post about them. My feet are just so much happier in sandals or flip flops – so they were very happy yesterday and they’re looking forward to the warm days ahead.

Yesterday was a beautiful day, it was warm and sunny (actually a little too warm for spring). We spent the afternoon clearing the new lot, pulling out saplings and cutting down wild grape vines. We also cut firewood and started preparations for a new compost bin made from saplings (more on that later).

It cooled down perfectly in the evening. We watched the sunset and enjoyed a cold glass of lemonade (which we jokingly call melonade – some of you will know where this comes from). Spring evenings are wonderful here in NE Ohio. They’re cool, breezy and the bugs aren’t out yet. It won’t be long until evenings will be ruined by buzzing mosquitos.

Are you a sandal/flip flip person or do you prefer shoes, or are you barefoot all the time?

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