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Sweet Rewards

February 13th, 2012

Yesterday morning I finished up our first batch of maple syrup for the 2012 season. A few days after we tapped the trees, the weather turned cold once again and the sap quit flowing. Usually I wait until I’ll have a gallon or so to finish, but I finished off the 12 gallons of sap we collected down to one quart of syrup. Instead of canning it we decided to enjoy it.

What better way to enjoy syrup than drizzled over sourdough pancakes (recipe at Eat Outside the Bag) with some homemade sausage. When it comes to enjoying maple syrup, my personal favorite is over french toast, but Mr Chiots is a pancake fan so I made him some pancakes. Since we follow the Nourishing Traditions way to eating our pancakes are always sourdough and soaked overnight.

I’m a bit odd in that I don’t really like syrup on my pancakes but I love it on my sausage. The sausage we eat here at Chiot’s Run is always mixed up the night before with herbs from the garden, you can find my Savory Breakfast Sausage recipe at Eat Outside the Bag. Since we purchased a half a hog this year we’ve been having sausage often for breakfast and we’re really loving it.

Syrup on your sausage – yay or nay? What about on your pancakes?

If you want to read up on maple sugaring I’d highly recommend these books:

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