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Seeking the Sun

October 24th, 2017

One of the things I notice most as the days get shorter is the angle of the sun. It streams in the living room windows and across the entire floor. Rooms that are dark in the summer, are bright this time of year. I also notice that I move about the house, working in spots of sun.

The cats also seek out the sun this time of year. Sun spots on the floor never fail to have a cat in them. The cats move about the house soaking it up wherever they can. There are different things I like about each season, fall is definitely the season of golden light for me.

Does the sun change in your area throughout the year? What season is your favorite?

Surveying the Gardens

March 9th, 2017

When the snow starts thawing, I find myself out walking around the gardens on an almost daily basis. I’m watching for areas that thaw first, where the water pools, how the wind blows across the garden, and other things. Now I’ve lived here for four years, I have a pretty good idea of the different microclimates in my garden. I know that the potager behind the house thaws out much more quickly than the main garden behind the garage. I can plant lettuces and other cold tolerant crops in there two or three weeks earlier than I can in the main garden. I’m thinking of trying to plant a few asparagus crowns in there to see if they are ready to harvest sooner than their main garden counterparts.

The difference by day can be astonishing, especially as the snow melts. I also watch closely to see which plants were nibbled by deer or look like they sustained damage from heavy snows or wind. A fence is definitely in order this summer, the wild turkeys are really enjoying all the delicious things in the garden.

Quote of the Day: Henry Beston

January 3rd, 2016

“As I settle down in this familiar house, with the lamplight glowing from its windows and the great planets crossing the sky above its chimney tops, I find I am shaking off the strange oppression which came over me when I lived by an urban sense and understanding of time. In a world so convenient and artificial that there is scarcely day or night, and one is bulwarked against the seasons and the year, time, so to speak, having no natural landmarks, tends to stand still. The consequence is that life and time and history become unnaturally a part of some endless and unnatural present, and violence becomes for some the only remedy. Here in the country, it all moves ahead again. Spring is not only a landmark, but it looks ahead to autumn, and winter forever looks forward to spring.”

Hendry Beston in Northern Farm

winter 3
winter 1
The seasons, something I love about living in the northeast. Winter is here and I’m enjoying what it brings to my life, rest and peace.

What are you enjoying about this season?

Friday Favorite: The Low Sun

October 9th, 2015

This time of year the sun is lower in the sky and it comes in the windows at different angles. Actually, it comes in the windows, bathing the room in a wonderfully warm, golden glow.
Morning sun
In the morning it shines on my favorite chair in the living room, this is where I sit and read sometimes before starting my day. If I must get to work early, I sit here with my laptop. In the afternoon, the sun shines in through my office window. While I love this light, I sometimes have to close the blinds for a half hour because of the glare off of my desk. Thankfully that is short-lived and soon enough the blinds are back up and I’m working in my light, bright office.
sunlight in living room 1
The cats seem to like the sun spots as well this time of year. They are like magnets, often you’ll find one or two cats in each sun spot. They move around throughout the day, following sun, soaking up as much warmth as they can.
Dexter in the sun
I truly appreciate living in an area with seasonal changes, both in weather and in the sun. Growing up on the equator the days were the same, always. The sun came up at the same time every day and went to bed at the same time. The angle was the same and you didn’t get the beauty of long shadows during part of the year.

Do you live in an area where the sun changes throughout the seasons?

Quote of the Day Shauna Niequist

October 12th, 2014

“Fall is harvest, when we’re getting all the good stuff that someone took the time to plant many month ago.  Someone planted it, and now we benefit from it.  And that’s how it is we make art.  We struggle and push and plant seeds deep underground, and it doesn’t look like much for a hilwe.  But then someone comes alone and listens to your song or sees your painting or reads your poem, and they feel alive again, like the world if freh and bursting, just like harvest.  Plant something today that will feed someone many months or many years from now.  Plant something today, because you’ve feasted on someone else’s carefully planted seeds, seeds that bloomed into nourishment and kept you alive and wide-eyed.”

Shauna Niequiest in Bittersweet.

Freshly_harvested_carrots 3
I love the farmers market this time of year, I come home with bags full of hearty roots for roasting, adding to gratins or long simmering in soups. While I grow potatoes, I don’t really grow carrots and celeriac much, they have such a long growing season I’m happy to allow someone else to plant those things so I can benefit from them.
I’m also loving the sweetening on the bitter greens like kale. Shopping at the farmers market is a great way to get in touch with the flow of the seasons.
root vegetables
Roasting is probably my favorite way to enjoy winter root vegetables, it bring out the sweetness and really showcases their flavor.

What’s your favorite fall/winter vegetable? How do you like it prepared?

Reading & Watching

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