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Friday Favorite: Sharing

November 14th, 2014

One thing I love about the gardening community is the sharing. Gardeners are a generous bunch, always willing to gift clippings, cuttings, and plants to others. I’ve been on the giving and receiving end of this kind of generosity many times in my short gardening career. About a month or two ago I mentioned on my Facebook page that I was thinning my strawberry plants. I offered plants to any locals that needed any. No locals had space, but I had a few friends from afar that wanted a few. When the weather cooled and the garden dried out, I dug 25 plants for each of them.
strawberry plants
My strawberry plants will live in Maryland and Chicago. That’s the beauty of sharing plants, it’s a way for our gardens to ebb and flow beyond our property lines. I have plants that came from my grandmother’s home, they first went to my mom and then came to me. They were probably given to my grandmother by someone in her community. I have old fashioned comfrey, peonies, and lily of the valley from her garden.
My mom also has many plants in her garden that came from me. Hydrangeas I started from cuttings, seedlings of my Sweet Autumn Clematis, and one particular tulip that called ‘Mickey Mouse’ which was one of the first things I ever planted in my Ohio garden 12 years ago. The bulb was transfered with a start of a hosta. Since these tulips actually multiply, she’s going to give me a bulb or two for my garden here in Maine. And so it goes from me, to another garden, and then comes back around to my garden once again.
There are plants in my garden that came from neighbors in Ohio, I moved them to Maine with me. I know there are cuttings from plants in my garden in many gardens in Ohio and a few faraway states. Sharing plants is really the way of the gardener! In a way it can be a savings account of sorts. I have so many plants that I was unable to bring with me from my gardens in Ohio. Thankfully, my mom has many of them in her gardens since she received starts/cuttings from me. Next summer I plan to head back to finally start stocking my garden with some of my old favorites once again. The best part is that they are FREE. They do take more time than purchasing plants, but the story behind them more than makes up for the extra time it takes them to mature.

Do you have any plants in your garden you received from fellow gardeners? Have you ever gifted cuttings/plants/roots/bulbs?

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