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November 4th, 2014

Winter is officially here and we are unprepared. Last time I checked the weather there was no longer snow and they were calling for rain. So when we heard that there was a noreaster forecasted to arrive on Saturday night we were a little nervous. We happened to be down in Rhode Island, Mr Chiots was speaking at a conference. Luckily, we made it home before the snow started. We woke up the next morning to an inch or so of snow and things deteriorated from there. It snowed…..and snowed….and continued to snow long after they had predicted that it would stop.
Winter weather 3
Winter weather 2
Winter weather 1
We ended up with 16-18 inches of snow – we were not ready for that. Our plow truck is down for the count, the tow truck is supposed to come and take it to the local repair shop. The pig fences were almost completely buried in the snow – not good. Then the power went out – YAY (the reason there was no blog post yesterday).
Winter weather 1 (1)
Winter weather 2 (1)
We went to bed early and got up really early on Monday morning to dig out. The first order of business was the pig fence. What a chore to dig 1-2 feet of snow from around 400 feet of fencing, on both sides. But we got it finished, then we hooked the plow truck battery up to the fence charger and got their fence going again. Though with the snow so deep they weren’t going anywhere very fast. I wish I had gotten some photos, but I was too busy digging. Thankfully the sun came out and helped things thaw a bit. Mr Chiots dug out the driveway with the tractor and we were able to get out.
Winter weather 3 (1)
I don’t actually mind when the power goes out, I find the respite to be nice. Sometimes in this day and age we need this kind of experience to remind us how much we rely on technology to entertain and distract us. I always enjoy an evening or two without electricity. Thankfully though ours came back on the following day, now I can get back to work. I’m still a few days behind from my week without internet a few weeks ago.

Do you enjoy a day or two without power or does it drive you crazy?

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