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So Long Carpet

June 9th, 2014

We’ve been wanting to get rid of the living room carpet since we moved in. Carpet isn’t among my favorite things, I dislike that it can’t be cleaned. And by cleaned, I mean scrubbed and mopped. I suppose you can get a carpet cleaner, but that doesn’t get all the stuff out that falls down below the padding. Even though we wanted to get rid of the carpet, it wasn’t on the to-do list until later.
so long carpet 1
We woke up yesterday to find that Lucy had gotten sick sometime in the night. The carpet bore the brunt of it. Thus, the carpet was ripped out, yesterday.
so long carpet 2
This is exactly why I don’t like carpet, when we pulled up the padding this is what was underneath. It makes me cough just thinking about it. No doubt getting rid of this carpet will help a little with the dust problem here in this house. Underneath there is subfloor that has been sanded, stained and sealed. It’s actually much better than the carpet, and better than what we thought we’d find underneath. We’re still undecided as to what to do for flooring in here, most likely wood, but we may just leave the floor as is for a while.

What’s your favorite floor covering?

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