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Warm Woolies

November 1st, 2014

I’m finally ready for winter – I received my shipment of 9 pairs of knee high wool socks.
socks 1
I wear knee high wool socks all winter long, they keep me much warmer in our chilly house. If you’ve never had the joy of wearing a pair of knee high wool socks on a cold day, give it a shot, I guarantee you’ll become a convert! It’s amazing how much warmer they are than mid-calf socks.
Most of my socks were purchased years ago and they all wore out last winter. For most of the winter I had toes poking out some socks and no wool left in the heels/bottoms of others. Needless to say, they’re not as warm that way!
raining on my socks
For many years I’ve been a big fan of Smartwool socks, but my most recent pairs have worn out quickly. I have found that the less wool and more nylon in the socks the quicker they wear out. I purchased a few pairs of Smartwools last week and then noticed that the percentage of wool has been lowered once again. Thus they went back to the store and I started my search for socks with more wool.
socks 2
Lucky for me, I found some at REI, and double lucky for me I had a $20 gift card. Now I’m stocked up on socks again for a few years. I’ll be warming and toasty when I get up in the morning and while I’m outside feeding chickens and snowshoeing. Nothing beats knee high wool socks!

Are you a wool sock lover? Do you ever wear knee high socks?

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