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To Fix or Not To Fix

March 26th, 2015

I love my stove, absolutely love it! It’s not a spring chicken, it’s been cooking our food for many years, probably 13 or more. Unfortunately the control panel is starting to go. First the number 5 quick working, no problem, I can bake things at 249, close enough, right?
my stove 1
Then the timer started to work intermittently – ACK. I use the timer on the stove constantly, no really, it use it 10-20 times a day and not just for cooking. Whenever I’m doing something that needs timed, or whenever I want to remind myself to do something, I set the timer. If I put wood in the wood stove, I set the timer to remind myself to check the fire and close the damper. Life without the stove timer will be interesting.┬áLuckily, I can use the timer on my iPad, though not as convenient as the stove timer.
Now I have to decide if it’s worth getting a new control panel for the stove to the tune of $400 and maybe $150 more if the touchpad needs replacing too – YIKES. We love using to buy parts to repair our own appliances. Over the years we’ve saved loads of money fixing them ourselves. Sometimes however, it’s not necessarily worth what it will cost to fix an old appliance. I’ve been saving money for a new stove for quite a while, I sure hate to lose this beauty though. She’s been a wonderful kitchen companion for many years. It’s only a matter of time before the oven won’t turn on, so I have to decide soon.

Do you ever repair your appliances yourself?

It’s Good to be Back

December 20th, 2012

This weekend we finally got my stove in! I’ve proclaimed my love of this stove before, I sing its praises all the time. Anyone who knows me well, has heard me talk about my stove.
my stove 1
my stove 3
my stove 2
Having this beauty back in the kitchen is like having my right arm back again. It’s familiar, comfortable, and I know it’s nuances. With this stove I’m back in business, not that I wasn’t cooking before, I’m just a really happy cook now! Not to mention, it feels a little more like home around here with one of my favorite things back in use!

What’s your favorite home appliance?

Friday Favorite: My Stove

November 16th, 2012

About 10 years ago I got a new stove. My previous stove had been a hand-me-down from my mom that never worked quite right. You had to turn on the oven before starting to mix anything up because you never knew if it was going to come on or. There were times it would turn off in the middle of baking and not come back on. I’d been saving for a newone for quite a while. I didn’t get the Blue Star I wanted, but I knew this Kitchenaid would be a good stove for many years.

Now that we’re in Maine and my stove is back in Ohio, I’ve been sorely missing it. It’s kind of like being without your favorite tool, or in this case I feel like I’m missing my right arm. I know my stove like the back of my hand, I’ve learned how to cook everything to perfection on it. Getting used to a new stove can be a big challenge, especially when you loved your old one so much.

I strongly believe that a good stove is of great importance for anyone who loves to cook, I realized that when I purchased this beauty. Having a good stove will make cooking much easier and much more pleasurable. These last two months of cooking on a less than ideal stove have really taught me that. I’m actually starting to think that perhaps many people think they don’t like to cook simply because their stoves are less than ideal.

We will have to make a few modifications to the kitchen to get my stove to fit. The one that is here is a small apartment stove. After than an exhaust fan that vents outside is on the list.

Thankfully, my stove will make it’s way back to Maine in two weeks. I’ll certainly be very thankful to be able to use it once again.

Do you have a favorite appliance?

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