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Yard Stick, Walking Stick, Squash?

September 8th, 2012

Early this summer I planted seeds for ‘Trombetto’ squash from Renee’s Garden over at my mom’s.

The flavor is supposed to be like that of an artichoke. We had one for breakfast yesterday morning. Not sure if artichoke is how I would describe it, but it was good. Different than the usual zucchini.

It’s a climbing vine, much like a cucumber. The fruits hang down and are quite amazing when you see them, so much different than any other type of summer squash.

I harvested these two beauties on Thursday. My mom said she had no idea when to pick them so she left them on the vine. Growing interesting varieties of vegetables is one of the fun things about having an edible garden. Each year I try to grow a few new fun things.

What’s the strangest vegetable/fruit you’ve grown?

It’s a Record

October 12th, 2011

Generally I can’t grow a zucchini to save my life, which is funny because everyone else has them coming out their ears. I think my soil is simply too lean to grow squash. That doesn’t stop me from trying, each year I optimistically plant zucchini and winter squash and end up with only one or two zucchinis and a few tiny pumpkins. Yesterday I was out clearing out the garden and ripped out my zucchini plant, which somehow has managed to survive all summer long producing a few blooms and only a few tiny fruits. Much to my delight, I found this beast lurking under the withering leaves.

A zucchini of this size is a record for Chiot’s Run, we’ve never seen something like this in the garden. This one happens to be a ‘Romanesco’ from Renee’s Garden. I’m pleasantly surprised and happy to have one last zucchini to enjoy fried up in slices and stuffed into our morning omelets.

Have you found any surprises while cleaning out the garden?

Ronde de Nice Squash

June 25th, 2009

This year I’m growing Ronde de Nice squash instead of regular zucchini. Why did a choose these little round zucchinis instead of the regular ones?
Ronde de Nice Squash
Could you pass up this description? These tasty little round zucchinis have been a favorite for generations in French farmer’s markets. Because their tender skin & flesh bruise easily they are poor candidates for our supermarkets, but are easily grown by the home gardener. Harvest these pretty squash as babies, when several inches in diameter; or grow them to 3-4 inches. Serve the smaller ones steamed or sauteed with other veggies or stuff the larger ones and to bake and serve for great summer meals.
Ronde de Nice Squash Blooming
They’re very quick growing plants, I started mine in late May and the one I potted up early is fairly large and has tons of blossoms on it. I’ll be eating some of these blossoms as well as leaving some for pollination.

We’re big fans of steamed or sauteed zucchini in the summer so we’re excited for our plants to start producing. I have 4 plants in all, I’m hoping I have enough. Last summer I had 2 zucchini plants and we didn’t have enough (I know I’m the only person that didn’t have enough zucchini).

What kind of summer squash do you grow? How do you enjoy eating them?

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