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Tying up Your Tomatoes

July 24th, 2013

If you planted tomatoes in your 5×5 Challenge garden you’ll want to provide support for them.  It can be something as simple as a large garden post or a beautiful iron trellis.  I usually use wooden stakes, but I used two metal trellises in my 5×5 Challenge garden (it is in the front lawn right by my front door).
tying up tomatoes 3
There’s not really a trick to tying up tomatoes, you just don’t want to tie them too tightly and risk damaging the vines.
tying up tomatoes 1 (1)
I like to use natural jute or hemp rope, but you can use all manner of things. Since I have a lot of tomatoes to tie up, I typically spend time one evening cutting a lot of foot long lengths of rope. This avoids having to stop often to cute lengths of twine, which saves a good deal of time if you’re tying up 30 tomatoe vines!
tying up tomatoes 2 (1)
Tying up tomatoes is quite easy, but it’s a garden chore that shouldn’t be neglected. I check weekly to see if the vines need extra support. If you wait too long the vines have a tendency to sprawl and you risk breaking them when trying to tie them up.

What do you use to support your tomatoes?

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