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A Delicious Day

September 9th, 2014

Yesterday was what you hear is typical for Seattle as far as the weather goes, though I have had nothing but great weather on all of my previous trips out here. We woke up to a gray, misty day that was cold, damp, and gloomy. No worries, as I had a tour of the Theo Chocolate factory waiting for such a day.
Theo Chocolate tour 12
We tasted a wide variety of chocolates along with cocoa beans from a few different regions. We walked through the factory and got to see and learn exactly how good chocolate is made. It was a great tour, the perfect thing to do on a rainy day!
Theo Chocolate tour 1
Theo Chocolate tour 2
Theo Chocolate tour 3
Theo Chocolate tour 4
Theo Chocolate tour 5
Theo Chocolate tour 6
Theo Chocolate tour 7
Theo Chocolate tour 8
Theo Chocolate tour 9
Theo Chocolate tour 10
Theo Chocolate tour 11
You can be we purchased a few goodies to eat and maybe a few to take home, if they make it through the week! I’m a big fan of dark chocolate and a few of those made it into my bag to enjoy throughout the week. I love that their chocolate doesn’t have soy lecithin it in as an emulsifier, only delicious cocoa butter!

Do you prefer light or dark chocolate?

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