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Friday Favorite: These Cats

September 14th, 2012

I’m not much of a collector. You won’t find my house overflowing with collectibles, figurines, or much else for that matter. I even try to keep my book collection to a minimum. There are however a few things around that I love, like these wooden cats.

They were purchased here and there a long time ago. In fact, I can’t remember a time when they weren’t sitting on top of my dresser. One of them I even repainted to look like our old cat Jeffrey. There hasn’t been a new one in many, many years and I don’t actively seek out more.

I don’t quite know what it is I love about these little wooden cats, they’re kind of quirky and cute. No doubt, they’ll remain on my dresser for years to come! Does it count as a “collection” if you only have four?

Do you have any collections?

Quote of the Day: Louise Dickinson Rich

September 2nd, 2012

It’s very illuminating to have to make a list, which you will very possibly have occasion to use, of the things you’d save in extremity. It reduces one’s material possessions to their proper place.

Louise Dickinson Rich We Took to the Woods

This is also the case when moving, or at least it should be. Going through everything you own and asking yourself what you really need. The truth is, we really don’t NEED that much to survive. It is nice to have things that make our lives more comfortable, but it can weigh us down if we have too much. Thankfully, Mr Chiots and I started minimizing our stuff many years ago. We stepped off the consumerism treadmill by dedicating an entire year to not buying anything we didn’t need to survive. At the same time we started getting rid of things we didn’t use or need. As a result, packing should be a little easier. During the process, we’re also trying to go through everything to lighten the load even more. There are still a few things that we’re asking ourselves: to take or not to take?

Take my hanging baskets for example, I don’t really NEED them, but I do like them. Do I want to pack them, take them to Maine, store them over the winter, plant something in them, and water them next summer? That is the question, do I want to deal with hanging baskets? There isn’t even a front porch at the new place.

They’ll go into the “maybe” pile. Things that we’re on the fence about and may part with if the moving truck gets too full.

How good are you about keeping your things at a minimum? Do you find it difficult to part with things?

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