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Friday Favorite: Tree Peonies

June 1st, 2018

Four years ago, I purchased two tree peonies for the garden. I found them at Hidden Gardens for only $25/each, which is a great deal for a tree peony. For the past few years, they’ve been growing and getting established. This year, one of them had 9 buds, the other 4.

I first saw a tree peony in a friend’s garden many years ago. The huge yellow blossoms were very impressive, as was the size of the shrub. After seeing his plant, I did some reading on tree peonies, but never purchased one because they are quite expensive.

I’m quite happy with both of them, they’re not even close to being mature yet. Ten years is the typical time it takes them to become fully mature. Another great benefit of these beauties is that the bees love them. I’m keeping my fingers crossed that these two lovelies continue enjoying the gardens here at Chiot’s Run and bloom for years to come.

Have you discovered any new plants recently?

So Excited

May 5th, 2016

I’ve always loved tree peonies, though I’ve never had one in the garden. Last summer I purchased two from a lovely little garden center nearby. They may bloom this year, they may not. Either way, I’m super excited that they both survived the winter and look healthy and happy. Neither are in their final resting place, both will be moved eventually.
Tree Peony 1
Tree Peony 2
You can bet that I’ll be eagerly watching them to see if I might be graced with a lovely bloom this spring. If not, I guess next spring will have to do. The color of the emerging growth and the gracefulness of the plant is more than enough to make up for it. I can’t wait to see what color the blooms will be!

Do you grow tree peonies? Any blooms your especially looking forward to this year?

New Plants for the Garden

April 5th, 2011

Now that I have more doubled my garden area I need to start getting plants to fill the new part. I’ll propagate most of them myself from plants I already have or from mom’s plants which will save me a lot of money. It will take longer for these plants to grow and mature, but gardening isn’t about instant gratification. I’ll also start a lot of plants from seed and divide many of my exciting perennials. I will purchase a few new plants that I’ve been wanting to get, but haven’t had the garden space for.

If you remember, I have a fascination with hydrangeas and have amassed a collection of 10 different varieties so far. I just purchased 3 new varieties to add to my collection: ‘Teller’s Blue’ Hydrangea – a blue lace-cap hydrangea, ‘Princess Beatrix’ Hydrangea – produces beautiful crimson-pink blooms, and ‘Penny Mac’ Hydrangea – will flower in the coldest zones because of its ability to produce flowers on new growth.

I also bought a few tree peonies. Two different varieties ‘Ge Jin Zi’ or Purple Kudzu Scarf and ‘Wu Long Peng Sheng’ also known as Black Dragon Holds a Splendid Flower. I’m super excited for these as I’ve been wanting to get a tree peony for quite a while.

Have you purchased any new plants recently? Any that you’ve been wanting to purchase?

Reading & Watching

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