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Tedious Trim

February 6th, 2014

The upstairs bedroom redo is coming along quite nicely. The walls and ceiling were painted with three coats of ‘Classic White’ Benjamin Moore eggshell paint and they look fabulous. The trim is being painted in the same color but in a satin paint so it has a bit of a sheen. The goal was a blank canvas and it worked. I’m excited to get the baseboards painted and installed so furniture can start being added.  Those are new wood, simple square pieces that will be painted white as well.
painting trim 1
Meanwhile, I’m still painting the trim. It needed a good sanding first, as it hadn’t received that vital step before being sealed. The result was raised woodgrain that defied being dusted or cleaned. I gave all the trim (along with the walls and ceiling) a good sanding before we got started. I also filled all the nail holes with putty.  Then a few coats of primer were painted on to seal in any stain.
painting trim 3
After several coats of primer, a coat of white paint was added and is still in the process of being added.  Painting moulding is a tedious process and seems to take forever.  All the trim in the room takes me about an hour for each coat.  So far I’ve painted five coats and will most likely do one or two more.  After that I’ll take my scraper to any paint that accidentally made it’s way onto the windows.
painting trim 2
It looks fantastic though, crisp and clean, light and bright – just what I was hoping for. A good cleaning of the windows also helped brighten the room, if you’ve been reading here long you know I how much I appreciate a clean window (each window takes about an hour since I have to take out the storm windows and clean them as well).  I can’t wait to get all the shelves and tables in here along with all my sewing supplies.  Then I’ll be searching for a queen sized bed for guests, hopefully I’ll be able to find something old and interesting from a local antique store.

Has anything tedious been taking up your time? 

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