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Spring is in the Air

March 19th, 2019

When I was at the United Farmer’s Market in Belfast on Saturday, I spotted some lovely tulips at the Willow Moon Florist booth. I don’t have any tulips in the garden and the ground is still deep in frost, nothing will be blooming any time soon. Since I needed some new spring photos for The Jojoba Company, I decided a bouquet of orange tulips would be perfect!

The tulips definitely brightened up our facebook page! Tulips are a favorite spring flower of mine, I definitely need to add some this fall.

What’s your favorite spring bulb?

The Parade of Tulips

April 23rd, 2012

I promised a parade of tulips when every single one had finally bloomed. Last week the last of the later tulips opened. Barring any extreme heat, the blooms will last for a couple more weeks. All-in-all, I should get over 2 months of beauty. There were a few glorious days when all the varieties I planted were blooming at the same time.

Just in case you’re wondering how I kept track of the tulips I planted, I cut the photos/names from the catalog and pasted them on a piece of paper grouping them by order of bloom. This gave me a handy chart to quickly be able to identify what was blooming. It also came in handy when making my order so I knew which tulips I was buying so I didn’t end up with all late flowering tulips.

‘Rai’ parrot tulip, a beautiful dark pink/purple and green parrot tulip. I only purchased 8 bulbs for this and they were planted in a pot by the back door. Parrot tulips are just as interesting in bud form as they are when in full bloom. This is the first time I’ve had parrot tulips in the garden and I must say, I’ll always have some from now on! (I won’t relist the Parrot King tulip, you can see this post if you’d like to see them).

All of the bulbs listed below were purchased from Van Engelen in lots of 50 or 100. I’ll include their description of the tulips after the name. The tulips will also be listed in the order in which they bloomed in the garden.

Blooming first was ‘Passionale’, which I’ve had in the garden for many years. Described as: huge, lilac-purple tulip has dark purple flames on the outside of its petals while the inside of the petals is beetroot-purple with a tawny-yellow base. Bulb size: 12cm/up. April/May. 16″

Along with ‘Passionale’ the ‘Rembrandt’s Favorite’ tulip bloomed as well. They make a perfect combo! This tulip is described as: a mutation out of Hans Anrud, this strong and sturdy bicolor is glistening snow-white with deep blueberry-purple flames. Bulb size: 12 cm/up. Late April. 22″

‘Pimpernel’ is a lovely lily flowering tulips, one of two varieties I planted. Rich purplish-red with green featherings. Bulb size: 12cm/up. May. 16″. HZ: 3-7.

‘China Pink’ One of the most popular of all Lily Flowering Tulips, this award-winner has lustrous, soft pink flowers with a white base. Bulb size: 12cm/up. May. 18″.

‘Cum Laude’ circa 1944, Cum Laude is dark campanula-violet with a white base. Bulb size: 12cm/up. May. 24″.

‘Virichic’ this jaunty beauty has an elegant, almost Lily-like form and exotic coloration. It opens dreamy pale rose with tawny yellow highlights and green flames and matures to a darker purplish-pink with green flames. Bulb size: 12 cm/up. May. 18”.

‘Greenland’ Also known as Groenland, this award-winner is a charming old rose color with soft green stripes from the flower’s base to its tips. Bulb size: 12cm/up. May. 20″.

‘Green Wave’ A terrific cut flower, this sport of Greenland is pastel mauve-pink with green flames and an exterior white base. Watch how wide it opens! Bulb size: 12cm/up. May. 20″

‘Elegant Lady’ Subtly changing colors as its blooms mature, this beauty has pale creamy-yellow flowers edged in soft violet-red. Bulb size: 12cm/up. May. 24″. HZ: 3-7.

‘Queen of the Night’ is a deep velvety-maroon, appearing as glistening black in the sunlight. Circa 1940, this award-winner is still the “blackest” tulip to date. Bulb size: 12cm/up. May. 24″. I have grown this variety of tulip for many years here at Chiot’s Run and it’s the one tulip that I find that doesn’t get eaten by various deer. The black color must make them bitter or something. There have been years when this is the only tulip to bloom in my garden.

I think my favorite combination from this year was ‘Queen of the Night’ and ‘Elegant Lady’. I planted these two varieties in a few clumps in the front foundation bed and I think they’re perfectly stunning together.

I also have a few other kinds of tulips that bloom throughout the garden that I planted a few years ago. I definitely gravitate towards the purple/pink/green range when it comes to flower colors. I’m not sure if I could pick a favorite, it might be ‘Queen of the Night’ or it might be ‘Green Wave’. I’m certainly happy I don’t have to choose!

Which of these do you like the best?

Quote of the Day: Buckner Hollingsworth

April 8th, 2012

“I think I yet see what I have so often beheld both in town and in country,” Mrs Grant continued, “a respectable mistress of a family going out to her garden, in an April morning, with her great calash, her little painted basket of seeds, and her rake over her shoulder, to her garden labors.”

Buckner Hollingsworth
found in Her Garden Was Her Delight. Famous Women Gardeners.

If you’ve never read the book above you should, such a fascinating book about women gardeners throughout American history.

I’m getting a little backed up sharing images since we’re focusing on cleaning. Here’s the update, scenes from around the gardens of Chiot’s Run this past week, harvest, blooms, and life. (if you are my personal friend or if you follow Chiot’s Run on Facebook you might have seen a few of these).

Remember those tulips that I forgot about in the garage? They are just starting to come into their own and they’re stunning, obviously no harm done by the accidental blanching. They are parrot tulips ‘Rai’, ‘Green Wave’, and ‘Parrot King’.

The tulip hillside is in full bloom, photos of that in the coming weeks complete with photos of each individual tulip variety in case you want to know which ones to order.

Do I really need to say anything about these photos? These show exactly why I garden; it’s peaceful, it’s beautiful, it feeds my soul and it brings me much joy during these busy, busy weeks!

What’s been bringing you joy in these last few weeks?

Quote of the Day: Cicero

March 25th, 2012

I look upon the pleasure we take in a garden as one of the most innocent delights in human life.
– Cicero

I’m delighting at the beginning stages of my tulip parade. Last fall when I was planting all these bulbs I was debating on planting them all in blocks of each specific variety, but then I decided to throw them all into a box and plant them all jumbled up. I’m certainly glad I did and it will extend the color that I see from my kitchen window.

I’ve been wanting to do something with this hillside for so long and I’m finally glad I did. If we do end up selling & moving, at least I will have the memory of this hillside this spring. Now to figure out what to plant on it when the tulips fade. Any suggestions?

Is there anything in your garden that you put off for a long time only to wish you had done it much sooner?


March 19th, 2012

Yesterday was a beautiful day, so of course I was working outside. I wan’t working in the garden, scrubbing the house was the task of the day. Into the garage I went to grab something I needed and OOOOOPS there were 2 big pots that were filled with tulips that I potted up to force.

The poor things were all pale from the lack of sunlight and kind of sad looking. I quickly carried them outside and gave them a dose of water. They should green up within a day or two.

The funny thing is that they’re not any farther ahead of the tulips that are planted in the ground. So I guess forcing them to bloom early didn’t happen. At least nothing will be lost, they’ll still bloom, just not as early as I had planned!

Have you had any OOOOPS moments in the garden lately?

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