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Happy Easter

April 6th, 2015

I’ve been keeping an eye on my turkey hen so she didn’t end up with a nest hidden down in the woods. Yesterday I went up to the coop and there she was in a nesting box. They’re much too small for her, she could only fit in about half way. I wasn’t sure her egg would even end up in the box, but when I went back up to check in the evening it was there.
turkey egg (1)
Our very first turkey egg. Now all I need to do is get a tom for her so the eggs are fertilized. Then we can let her go broody, hatch them out, and have turkeys for Thanksgiving. She’s a heritage breed turkey, so she could mate with a wild turkey. We usually have lots of wild turkeys around, but haven’t seen any yet this spring. If we can’t get a tom we’ll buy some fertilized eggs for her to sit on when she does go broody. Hopefully she’ll hatch out a clutch and raise them up.

Anything exciting happening in your world this week?

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