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Hey Guys

March 16th, 2016

Yesterday I looked out the back window and saw four wild turkey toms huffing and gobbling away trying to impress our turkey hens. They were out there for a couple of hours, the ladies ignored them all the entire time.
This always makes me laugh, turkeys are funny birds, such a joy to have around! It’s been great watching our flock interact and learning about their nature. The ladies just started laying eggs last week, I’m trying to decide if I want to let them hatch any out this spring.

What wildlife are you seeing in your garden?

Hello Tom

August 11th, 2015

The tom turkey I got this spring has been fantastic. He got the job done, our turkey hen hatched out a dozen poults and we have a small flock of turkeys running around now. Poor Tom started molting not long after mating season was over, he was a sad sight to be sure. The poor guy looked like he had gotten run over with the brush hog.
heritage turkeys 1
heritage turkeys 2
Thankfully his feathers are almost all back in and he’s looking quite dapper once again. I’m eagerly anticipating seeing the poults when they grow up. They will have an interesting mix of both of their parents. Dad is a Bourbon and mom is a Wishard Bronze. There are 3 different looks in the cutlets, soon enough they’ll be big and look like adults.

What fun things are going on in your garden? 

Countdown to Turkeys

June 9th, 2015

Our turkey hen has been sitting on turkey eggs for almost four weeks now. Of course she’s supposed to be hatching them out while I’m supposed to be gone.
turkey eggs
Mr Chiots has strict instructions to monitor closely and take pictures if necessary. Of course it could end up being nothing, turkeys are notorious for not being good at fertilizing eggs.

Are you eagerly anticipating anything at the moment?

Oh Turkey

June 12th, 2014

Well we have three turkey poults – not as many as we’d hoped for – but it’s better than none! The Narragansette tom must have not been up to the task, not one of the six narragansette eggs even got out of the gate. Two of the Wishard Bronze and one of the barnyard mix turkeys hatched. That leave us with three tiny poults.
turkey poults 1
Turkey poults are completely different than ducklings, chicks and guinea keets. They are super laid back, not really active and barely make a sound. I also noticed that they LOVE to eat green things. If I cut up herbs from the yard and put them in their brooder they gobble them up long before they eat any of their other food.
turkey poults 2
These turkeys were supposed to be for Thanksgiving dinner for us and the neighbor. I was also hoping to have an extra hen and tom to keep for breeding, but that might not happen. If all three survive and I have a hen and a tom I’ll keep them and forgo eating one of them for our Thanksgiving celebration. We shall see how things shake out later this fall.
turkey poults 3
As I was watching these little guys yesterday I was thinking about how the circle of life is so vivid when you raise your own food. Even when I purchase turkeys from local farms I didn’t really think about the fact that the poults were hatched from eggs by someone somewhere. There are so many steps involved in getting something like a turkey to our Thanksgiving table. It’s one of those things we often don’t even think about as we eat what is on our plate. I will definitely be looking at our feast a little differently this year!

Do you eat turkey for Thanksgiving? Have you considered that they are being hatched now or in the next couple months in order to be fattened for your feast?

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