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Friday Favorite: Wear it Out!

February 13th, 2015

We’ve reached that point in our marriage where many of the things we received as wedding gifts or inexpensive items we purchased have started to wear out. I’m a big fan of wearing things out, I HATE getting rid of things before their useful life is over, it makes me feel like I’m wasting money. My clothes are usually completely indecent before I finally turn them into quilts or rags. The jeans below were worn for 5 more years after this photo was taken. They eventually made it into my travel patch quilt.
This year we’re going to have to replace a few major household items, like our living room furniture. When we first got married we had a hand-me-down sofa that was in rough shape. After we’d been married a year we finally purchased this couch. It wasn’t a pricey couch, so it was never going to last 30 years.
wear it out 3
wear it out 1
It did well enough, but we’ve been talking about replacing it for the past 3-4 years. It’s full of holes and the worst part is that the foam is breaking down. I vacuum up a little ring of foam dust around the sofa each week. That’s horrible for your lungs, so we finally settled on what we wanted and ordered a new sofa.
wear it out 2
Our new sofa is a classic shape (English roll arm) and we chose natural colored textured linen for the fabric. We knew we wanted to get something that would last much longer than our previous sofa. The linen is really tough and we can order new cushions if needed, when it wears out it can be reupholstered. Of course there’s no instant gratification when you purchase furniture like this, it will be 10-12 weeks until it arrives. That’s actually a good thing considering our only 36″ door is in the back of the house and there are 6 foot snowdrifts all around the house. No doubt it will be scheduled for delivery during mud season, stay tuned, no doubt there will be some kind of excitement that happens.

It feels great to wear things out before replacing them. It’s been a good sofa, we’ve watched many movies on it and Mr Chiots has used it for many naps. It’s moved with us three times and has almost always been a part of our lives. I’m debating on whether or not the sofa should be donated to Goodwill when we get our new one, it’s in such bad shape and so uncomfortable I’m almost embarrassed to pass it along to someone else.

Are you a use it up, wear it out kind of person? 

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