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A New Car + a Vacation

September 14th, 2016

On the 4th of September, around 1 pm, we arrived in Gothenberg, Sweden after a long red-eye flight. We had left Maine at two the previous afternoon. After checking in to our hotel, we set off to see a few of the city sights. Even though we were both super tired, we were determined to reset our clocks to avoid too much jet-lag.
You may wonder how we ended up in Sweden, it’s not really a popular destination spot. When I was in third grade, the people up the street from us had a brown Volvo station wagon, I thought it was amazing. Now that we live in Maine and have a very long, steep, curvy driveway, I’m in need of something with all wheel drive and something larger than my little HHR. We weren’t about to get anything new until the old chariot was to the point of not being reliable, so we waited, and saved our dollars. Around 6-7 years ago, I learned about the overseas delivery program from Volvo. You buy a car and can pick it up at the factory in Gothenberg, Sweden. They give you airline tickets, a night in hotel, a few meals, and you get 2 weeks of auto insurance so you can drive your car around while on your trip (did I mention you also get your car cheaper than if you just buy it from a dealer?).
After picking up our car and going on a tour of the Volvo factory (which is pretty amazing), we headed off to the Volvo Museum to check out all the vintage Volvos. If you happen to find yourself in Gothenberg, you can tour the factory without purchasing a vehicle, I highly recommend it.
It was pretty amazing, seeing the history behind the company. I’ve been a fan of their cars for many years, I especially love their dedication to safety. We can all thank them for inventing the seat belts we all wear to protect ourselves. Mr Chiots is especially happy about their safety ratings as he’s frequently on the scene of auto accidents with the local volunteer fire dept. Check back in the coming days to see where we drove our new chariot when we were in Sweden.

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