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Shelburne Farms: The Formal Gardens

August 31st, 2016

On the second day, we went back to Shelburne farms for a tour of the house and gardens followed by afternoon tea. The formal gardens are fairly new, they’re currently being restored to their former glory. There’s a long way to go yet, to get them back to their prime, but there is still a lot of beauty in them. The perennial borders and the rose garden were both very lovely. I really love the hardscaping in a formal garden. It’s generally quite an expense, which is probably why I appreciate it. I know that I will never had hardscaping that comes close to the amazing things seen in this garden.
shelburne farms formal gardens 1
shelburne farms formal gardens 9
shelburne farms formal gardens 6
shelburne farms formal gardens 8
shelburne farms formal gardens 14
shelburne farms formal gardens 5
shelburne farms formal gardens 13
shelburne farms formal gardens 10
shelburne farms formal gardens 4
shelburne farms formal gardens 7
shelburne farms formal gardens 12
shelburne farms formal gardens 17
shelburne farms formal gardens 11
I loved this giant plant by the back door, I’m not sure what it is (perhaps one of you will know), but I must get some for my garden. With the size/scale of my garden, this plant would fit right in here!
shelburne farms formal gardens 3
shelburne farms formal gardens 2
Inside the house there were arrangements here and there, all lovely and all from the gardens, many from the market garden cutting garden.
shelburne farms formal gardens 15
shelburne farms formal gardens 16
This garden will get better and better as the years go by. Our guide was telling us about the future plans to restore certain areas. The peony garden and rose garden will fill in and look better and better with each passing year. Shelburne Farms is a must visit if you’re a gardener.

What’s your favorite formal garden feature?

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Shelburne Farms

August 29th, 2016

The first week of August I was in Vermont with a friend. We rented a little cabin on Lake Champlain and spent four days relaxing and visiting a few interesting places in the area.
cottage on South Hero
cottage on south hero 1
The first day we went to Shelburne Farms, which is a fantastic place to spend a day or weekend. The first day we toured the barn, ate dinner from the food truck in the barnyard (featuring food grown on the farm), toured the formal gardens by the house, and did a cheese tasting of their award winning cheeses.
Shelburne Farms barn 5
Shelburne Farms barn 4
Shelburne Farms barn 3
Shelburne Farms barn 6
Shelburne Farms barn 1
Shelburne Farms barn 2
Shelburne Farms 2
Shelburne Farms 3
Shelburne Farms house
Shelburne Farms
Shelburne Farms barn 3
Shelburne Farms barn 1
Shelburne Farms barn 2
It was lovely, we enjoyed it so much we purchased tickets for tea and a house tour for the following day and went back. The edible gardens were lovely, I’ll be posting a few series of photos in the coming days to show you the various gardens at the farm.

What are some of your favorite vacation garden visits?

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Friday Favorite: Community Gardens

August 12th, 2016

Last week, when my friend and I were in Vermont, we stumbled across a lovely community garden in Shelburne Falls. There are a good number of plots, all of them unique, and each one beautiful. Together, they formed a beautiful garden quilt brimming with vegetables and flowers. There’s something wonderful about people coming together and making a garden in a public space. Growing food for their friends and families and cultivating community while they do. I could go on and on telling you about what we saw, but luckily I had my camera so you can see them for yourself (even if photos don’t quite do it justice).
Community Garden 2
Community Garden 3
Community Garden 4
Community Garden 1
Community Garden 5
Community Garden 7
Community Garden 8
Community Garden 6
Community Garden 9
Community Garden
Community Garden 10
Community Garden 11
Community Garden 12
Community Garden 13
Community Garden 14
We spent quite awhile walking around this garden admiring all the plots and getting ideas for our edible gardens. I love seeing real gardens, the ones people live in and use. Botanical gardens are nice in their own way, but often what we see is not attainable for us in our own spaces. Community gardens like this one are truly the most beautiful gardens of all!

Have you ever had a plot in a community garden? Are there any in your area?

Cady’s Falls Nursery (part 1)

June 16th, 2016

This past weekend, Mr Chiots and I popped over to Vermont to visit Cady’s Falls Nursery. I’ve been wanting to visit for quite a while now, but they are only open a few weekends each summer and I always seem to find out about it after the fact. This little gem is everything a nursery should be, with lovely gardens that highlight the plants they sell. You can walk through the garden, decide which plants you love in a garden setting, then purchase them in the nursery area. Here are some photos of the garden, there were so many I’ll post more tomorrow and maybe more next week.
cadys falls nursery 1
Cadys Falls nursery signs 3
cadys falls nursery 3
cadys falls nursery 7
cadys falls nursery 1 (1)
cadys falls nursery 3 (1)
cadys falls nursery 4 (1)
cadys falls nursery 4
cadys falls nursery 5 (1)
cadys falls nursery 5
cadys falls nursery 6 (1)
cadys falls nursery 6
cadys falls nursery 7 (1)
cadys falls nursery 8
cadys falls nursery 9
This nursery specializes in rare plants, there quite a few stunning specimens in their gardens. I especially loved seeing plants in person that I’ve only read about in books. We came home with our car packed full of all sorts of lovely plants, more about those next week. Check back tomorrow for more photos of this lovely garden.

Have you discovered any little nursery gems in your area?

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