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Grow Your Own – Be Sure

January 5th, 2012

I really love the old posters from the 1940’s when the government was encouraging people to grow Victory Gardens and to preserve their harvests. I’ve always thought about buying some, but never have gotten around to it. This year, a good friend, gave me one for Christmas. It’s the perfect one because of what is says:

We all have our reasons for growing edibles in our gardens, mine is to know exactly what’s going into my vegetables. Sure, I buy from local farmers who’s farms I’ve visited, but even that’s not quite like plucking things from your own little spot of earth.

When I eat a tomato from my garden I know the seeds were saved from a previous year, the plants were nurtured from tiny seedlings to rampant vines, they were grown in soil lovingly cultivated to be as healthy as possible, and the fruits were harvested just a few minutes before being eaten. I am familiar with every moment in the life of this tomato and it makes me smile. I love knowing that it wasn’t picked to early or sprayed with anything scary. ┬áNot only is this good for my health, it’s good for my pocketbook as well!

Why do you include edibles in your garden?

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