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Friday Favorite: My New Tool Holder

October 6th, 2017

I don’t know when I first saw a tool holder made from D handle tools. We have Liberty Tool right in town, I stop frequently to check their stock of old garden tools. When I stopped Wednesday they had just what I needed, two D-handle shovels.

This project couldn’t be quicker or easier (or cheaper for only $10). My cross piece is an old broken shovel handle. Now I have a convenient spot to keep all my garden tools during the gardening season.

How do you keep your tools organized?

My Vintage Edger

May 21st, 2015

Last week I talked about edging my flowerbeds and a few of you were interested in seeing my vintage edger. I bought this beauty at the vintage tool shop in town, I think I only paid $4 for it.
Vintage Edger 1
I love that it’s like a small rounded shovel, with the folded over pieces on top of the blade to make pushing on it more comfortable. The short blade is the perfect depth for an edge.
Vintage Edger 2
The handle is also the perfect length, it come up to the bottom of my sternum. That’s the perfect height for an edger if you ask me, but then I’ve tried using a longer shovel and have been hit in the face with the handle when I hit a rock while trying to drive it into the ground.
Vintage Edger 3
I’ve used a few different edgers and shovels before, this is absolutely the perfect tool. I’ll definitely be going back to the store frequently hoping to find another. Another thing I love about using vintage tools is the history behind them. While edging my gardens I wonder how many other gardeners have used it and how many different gardens it has been used in.

Do you have any vintage garden tools? Any that are your favorite?

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