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December 2nd, 2013

Mr Chiots has a old hunting coat, it was purchased on ebay a few years ago. The outer wool shell is in very good shape, though the lining has seen better days. I’ve been spending time mending it over the past week.
mending 4
mending 3
Patches cover the big holes, torn seams have been sown shut and buttons have been sewn back on. With a little mending this jacket will no doubt last Mr Chiots for the rest of his hunting life. I wonder how many hunting trips this jacket has seen?
mending 2
mending 1
Mending isn’t a common practice any more, most clothing is of questionably quality. When you have a piece with this much history and quality, it’s certainly worth a little love and car. Woolrich doesn’t make jackets of this quality any more.

Do you have any clothes worthy of mending?

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