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August 27th, 2013

This year I have a few welcome guests in the main garden out back. There’s a beautiful row of sunflowers. They are certainly very welcome, most likely deposited there from some seed that I fed to the pigs.
Sunny Volunteers 1
Sunny Volunteers 4
Sunny Volunteers 2
Sunny Volunteers 3
Hopefully in the coming years I’ll have space to plant a few rows of these beauties. They’re such happy flowers, they look especially happy in the evening with the sun setting behind them. The nice thing is that these lovelies will also provide seeds for our chickens, that is if the squirrels don’t find them first!

Do you grow sunflowers in your garden?

Sunny Volunteers

August 27th, 2012

Last year I ordered a number of different sunflowers to plant in the lower garden. The chipmunks dug up the seeds and feasted on them. Any that survived this gluttony were scooped up by crows when they germinated. I still had a few sunflowers in the garden, volunteers planted by chipmunks and birds.

Since we provide a feeder for the birds, we always have a few volunteer sunflowers scattered throughout the garden each year. Funny thing is, this year I have a few really nice ones in the exact place I tried so hard to plant them last year. I guess nature often gets the last laugh.

What’s your favorite volunteer in the garden?

Beauty in the Garden

July 14th, 2010

It seems like every week something new catches my eye in the garden, a new combination of plants, or perhaps the way a few plants are working together as they mature. Often it’s the free-seeding plants that tend to plant themselves in the most wonderful places. Nature does a wonderful job of coming up with some beautiful combos. This week I’m really loving the way my liatris and nicotiana look together.

Both of these plants are volunteers, meaning they seeded themselves down in this location, I did not plant them here. Neither were planted here originally or together on purpose. You’d never know it though the way they work together. The funny thing is that the nicotiana seeded itself around my gardens and everywhere it comes up in different shades that perfectly coordinate with the plants around it.

I noticed that the pollinators are loving this combo of plants as much as I am. The bees and butterflies love the liatris and the hummingbirds really like the nicotiana. They’re always abuzz with activity.

I love volunteer plants, especially ones like this that aren’t really invasive and are easy to remove when they crop up in unwanted locations.

What are you loving in your garden at the moment?

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