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Taking Advantage

November 4th, 2008

Mr Chiot’s and I love Election Day, none of this early voting for us, there’s just something about getting up on Election Day and casting your ballot in that little booth, taking advantage of the freedom we have in this great country.

We have a ritual: we get up drink coffee, leash up the Chiots and walk down to the voting place. It’s a nice walk, a little over 2 miles each way. This morning was especially beautiful with the warm sunny fall weather.

We live in a lake community so we vote at the clubhouse which is at the main beach, a beautiful destination.

We tied the Chiots up to a post outside and then in we went to cast our ballots.

After voting we started out leisurely walk home. Unfortunately we didn’t have as nice of a walk home. There was another dog owner not following the leash laws and her dogs ran out and one of them attacked Lucy (unfortunately she had her Halti Head Collar – 3 on so she couldn’t really fight back). So the rest of our morning was spent calling the sheriff and the vet and then running down the vet’s office for Lucy to get some staples to seal up the wounds. So 3 hours later and $50 poorer, we’ve cast our ballots.

WARNING: graphic photo coming up next.

So what did Lucy vote for?* Upholding the leash laws of course.

*Actually Lucy isn’t registered to vote, didn’t vote and no voter fraud took place this morning here at Chiot’s Run.

So did you vote early or do you like the Election Day experience like we do?

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