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Friday Favorite: The Truck

July 15th, 2016

We have this old red truck that we got with this property, in the winter it keeps the snow off the driveway. In the summer it is pressed into service hauling water for the back garden.
trusty truck
We fill a 100 gallon tank in the bed and I use it to fill waterings cans, which I haul to the garden to water things. I should think about buying a few more hoses so I can reach the garden from the spigots on the house, but until then we’ll use the trusty old truck. It’s actually a good way to run it weekly in the summer.

Do you have any garden areas out of reach of your hoses? How do you water them?

Watering the Pigs

July 26th, 2014

I’ve been wanting to buy a button pig waterer for a while now and just got around to ordering it.  I was hoping to rig it up to a barrel attached to the pig house with a big of spouting collecting water from their roof.  We seem to get just enough rain that I could water the pigs without using electric to pump it of our well and without having to lug it up there in 3 gallon watering cans.
pig waterer (1)
My waterer came yesterday and it screws right into one of the bungs on the barrel I was going to use for the project.  This certainly makes my life easier and should hopefully make the project go much more quickly.  We shall see, we’re hoping to having this up & running sometime this week.

Do you have any time/money saving devices in the works for your gardens/animals? 


June 5th, 2014

There is no water up by my main garden behind the garage. As a result, I end up carrying water up there by hand, which isn’t a big deal, until you plant a few 70 foot long rows and no rain comes. Luckily we have a tank that we put in the back of the truck. This gets filled and parked by the garden, viola – water.
watering the garden
This makes it much easier to water my garden and take water to the pigs as well. These piggies can go through 6 gallons of water a day for drinking and their wallow. While I don’t mind carrying water, I like saving a little bit of time to use for other things. Eventually it would be nice to have a yard hydrant put in, but that will probably have to wait for a few years. Until then, my water truck works very well!

Do you have anything you have to find workarounds for in the garden?  

A Helping Hand

July 11th, 2011

I talked about my love of watering in the evenings last Friday, mostly because we’ve had a really dry June/July here at Chiot’s Run. From my records we’ve had less than an inch of rain over the last 6 weeks. As a result things are dry, dry, dry (at least it’s raining while I’m writing this post so that’s a welcome change). Most of the time I don’t worry too much about my gardens, with the leaf mulch and the soil improvement I have to water less and less each year. This spring however I planted 350 shrubs for a hedge around the perimeter of the property, I’ve also added 15 new hydrangeas, 50 crowns of asparagus, 17 new boxwoods, and 20-30 perennials. These plants are not established and need a good dose of water each week to make sure they get well rooted in to be drought tolerant in the coming years. That means I’ve been spending a lot of time hauling watering cans and using the hose to make sure I don’t lose any of these new plants.

Since I’m a busy person, I have come up with a few ways to maximize my time watering. Beside some of the new plants, I added small garden hooks that used to have hanging solar lanterns on them (I have 8 of them). I hang the hose over the hook pointing at the plant and turn the hose nozzel on a low spray. While the plant is being watered I can use my watering cans on other plants that need watered. This way I can be watering two different things at once. I usually wear a stop watch and set the timer for 10 minutes, then I switch the hose to the next plant.

This works like a charm if you have specific plants or small garden areas that are in need of more water than other areas and you don’t want to set up the sprinkler to water large portions. This does a better job at spot watering to save water, and is especially handy because you can weed, or do other garden tasks while the plants are being watered.

Do you have any great time saving gardening tips?

Friday Favorite: Evening Watering

July 8th, 2011

I really love watering right before dusk. It’s quiet and peaceful, the perfect way to unwind after a long day. I usually water by hand because it’s good exercise and it helps me keep on top of how all the plants are doing. This time of year however, if it’s as dry as it’s been, I’ll set up a sprinkler in one zone every night. While the sprinkler is going I spend my time watering things that can’t be reached by the hose or by the sprinkler.

I also like to spend mornings in the garden, but generally I weed and do other garden chores in the morning. For some reason I really enjoy watering in the evening!

Do you have certain times of the day you like to do certain garden chores?

Reading & Watching

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