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Victory Gardens

June 27th, 2008

I always enjoy hearing about Victory Gardens from times gone by. It’s fascinating to think that our government and the governments of Canada and Great Britain encouraged people to grow their own food to help with the war effort during WWI. During that time, nearly 20 million Americans planted Victory Gardens. These gardens produced 40 percent of all the vegetable produce consumed nationally. I wonder if the citizens of today would rise to that challenge should it be put forth?

I’ve always enjoyed eating healthfully and thus started growing some of my own food because it’s so much healthier than what you buy at the grocery store. I guess that means I have my very own Victory or Freedom garden (as they’re also called). Freedom from what? I suppose pesticides and homogenized produce. It’s nice to know that I don’t have to buy a no name tomato at the grocery store, I can have Amish Paste, Black Krim, Brandywine, or whatever heirloom I want to grow. It’s also liberating to take responsibility and to be a better participant in society and world, I grow some of my own food because it’s better for me and for the world I live in.

I recently joined the Freedom Gardens of the World. I love the idea, while I don’t grow all of my own food, and probably never will, I do try to grow some of my own and buy as local as possible.

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