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Spotting Wildflowers

February 29th, 2012

When we’re traveling we like to take the road less traveled, meaning no the four land highway. As a result we often see beautiful things. We drive through quaint little towns and admire people’s personal gardens as we drive by. Taking the smaller two lane roads also affords us the luxury of spotting wildflowers. Here’s a collection of wildflowers I spotted and photographed during out Tiny Trailer Trip out West this past August. Here’s a slide show of the flowers I spotted along the way. To view in full screen click on the icon in the top left hand corner, click the same icon to exit full screen mode.

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Do you ever take the small side roads instead of the highways when you’re traveling?

Wild Foxglove

June 1st, 2009

When we moved in here we had this wild foxglove that blooms along the edges of the woods. It’s truly lovely, I really love the greenish yellow color.
One of the things I really love about this plant is that it’s much hardier in our climate than most other foxgloves. I have grown foxglove from seed several times and they always live for a few years and then they die off during one of our really cold winters. This foxglove spreads every year no matter what kind of winter we have. It’s also much shorter than regular foxgloves, only growing about 24 inches tall.
I keep wanting to save some seeds from it and try to start more of them to plant around the shady woodland edges. The problem is that I always forget to mark the plant and then I can’t find it when it goes to seed. Perhaps this will be the year I will finally remember. If it get some I’ll be happy to share seeds with anyone that’s interested.

What kinds of native wildflowers do you like? Have you ever had success propagating wild plants?

Reading & Watching

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