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Quote of the Day: Winter

January 15th, 2018

I have a mediation book I try to read every morning, this past weekend had a fantastic entry:

“See the pine trees and learn their lesson,” a friend once said. “Pine trees are nature’s reminder that growth continues even in winter.”

Winter is an important season in our lives. It is more than a time of coldness and snow. It’s a time of going within. A time to rest from the work that’s been done, a time to prepare for the lessons ahead. Long for the sun on your shoulders, but let the frost and cold come. The ground has been left fallow in preparation for nourishing the seeds of new life.

Honor winter’s lessons. Despite this time of lifelessness and inactivity, this is still a season of growth. Trust what’s being worked out in your soul. The snow will melt. The sun will shine again. The time will come to remove your heavy garb and return to the activity of life.

Cherish the winter. Cherish its quietness, the time of going within to rest and heal. Cherish this time of preparation that must come before new life. Cherish the hope that lies beneath the snow.

Melodie Beattie in Journey to the Heart

A Funny Thing Happened…

January 9th, 2012

I use this blog as my notebook of sorts, whenever I’m reading, I have my laptop by my side and add quotes as I find them. As a result I have a huge collection of quotes that haven’t been published yet. A few months ago I started scheduling them for the Sundays when I thought they would be relevant, then I add the photos the week before. This quote was scheduled for yesterday:

In civilization we try to combat winter. We try to modify it so that we can continue to live the same sort of life that we live in summer. We plow the sidewalk so we can wear short shoes, and the roads so we can use cars. We heat every enclosed space and then, inadequately clad, dash quickly from one little pocket of hot air through a bitter no man’s land of cold to another. We fool around with sun lamps, trying to convince our skins that it is really August, and we eat travel-worn spinach in an attempt to sell the same idea to our stomachs. Naturally, it doesn’t work very well. You can neither remodel nor ignore such a big thing as winter.

Louise Dickinson Rich We Took to the Woods

The funny thing is that the weather over the past couple days has been fantastic. On both Saturdy and Sunday I washed laundry and hung it on the line, and I’ll have some out later today too. The temperatures climbed up near 40 and the sun was shining brightly. There was no curling up the couch with a hot cup of tea, there was no darting out to the compost pile in Mr Chiot’s huge hunting jacket and my big rubber boots, there was no dark afternoon. In fact I spent Saturday afternoon mulching the tulip hillside with leaves in my sweatshirt, jeans and no hat.

These bright sunny warm days won’t continue, we will have many more days of winter. Those dim days are what make me appreciate these rare bright warm ones all the more! Those bitter cold days me make these days feel warm, even though it’s only 35 degrees.

It’s a great reminder that we aren’t in control, there’s something bigger than us out there. Learning to let go and simply go along with the weather is a beautiful thing. I was just telling Mr Chiots how funny people are, last year everyone around here was complaining that the winter was too cold, too long and there was too much snow. This year everyone is complaining that there’s not enough snow and it’s too warm. It’s as if we just want to complain because we can’t have what we want, or we want what we don’t have. I for one am happy with whatever the day brings, if it’s warm & sunny you’ll find me outside taking advantage, if it’s cold & rainy/snowy, you’ll find me inside working away so I can spend the nice days outside. Learning to love whatever season you’re in whether it’s the weather outside your window or your personal life will make life that much more enjoyable!

What would you describe as the perfect weather day?  Do you have a “perfect” day for each season? 

We all know that without winter’s dim afternoons we couldn’t have summer’s brilliant evenings.

January 15th, 2011

“Wabigokoro asks us to pay close attention to nature’s cycles of growth, decay, and rebirth, to follow the rhythm of the seasons as they ebb and flow. We all know that without winter’s dim afternoons we couldn’t have summer’s brilliant evenings. Sometimes though, as the days grow smaller and a sad but certain sense of rest envelopes the earth, it’s hard not to wish summer could last forever. The oaks and maples shed their leaves and give their mighty souls a respite from production. Yet deep into midwinter, we humans continue to churn through our daily routines, asking ourselves to muster up the same vigor we had during the long days of June.”

Robyn Griggs Lawrence (The Wabi-Sabi House: The Japanese Art of Imperfect Beauty)

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