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Native Wisteria

July 8th, 2019

For a few years now (hard to remember how many exactly, maybe 4-5) I’ve been growing this native wisteria in a container. It’s trained as a standard, though I have a few of the shoots pinned to the soil to propagate it. This beautiful vine lives in the unheated basement during the cold winter months, not because it can’t take the cold, but because the beautiful terracotta pot cannot.

This is a native wisteria (Wisteria frutescens) and much hardier than the Asian varieties (also much less aggressive). As a result, it blooms reliably in cold climates, no freezing of buds which happens quite often with the other varieties. My mom’s neighbor had a wisteria growing on her back porch, it only flowered about once every 5 years because the blooms would be frosted off in early spring.

What’s blooming in your garden this week?

Wisteria Frutescens in a Container

July 18th, 2018

The potager has taken a back seat as I get the main vegetable garden in final order. This garden pretty much takes care of itself. Besides a weeding once a year and a layer of compost, it growing along. The plants are spreaders, creepers, and self seeders. They ebb and flow, creating a drift garden of sorts. Even though this garden is an exuberant mess, it still was in need some some kind of focal point in the center. As I was cleaning up my potted Wisteria frutescens, I realized it would be PERFECT for adding both interest and a bit of height.

I must say, I’m super happy to have this beauty growing in a container. It’s easy enough to maintain (I overwinter it in my basement each winter). Wisteria frutescens is perfectly hardy in our climate, this plant was actually purchased with the intent of training up the lower side of the house. I haven’t quite had time to clear out the spot to plant in, so it grows and blooms happily in this container. It bloomed ealier this spring, but has a few more buds and will rebloom in a week or two.

I may actually leave this particular plant in this container and start more to grow on the house. What a perfect specimen to add interest and height to the potager! As I was looking at this the other night, I decided that growing things in containers and putting them in key spots in the garden would be great way to add focal points.

Do you grow any plants in containers?

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