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Winter Crafting

November 12th, 2013

I’m pretty excited about winter to arrive. While I’m still spending every spare hour of daylight working outside, the sun sets at 4:30 so I have a good portion of time in the evenings. Usually I catch up on work and write my blog post, then I have a little extra time or reading or crafting. This winter I’m planning on making a quilt from old clothing and I’d like to crochet a wool afghan for the living room.
crocheting 1
I haven’t crocheted in years (except for a scarf I made Mr Chiots a few years ago), so I need to brush up on my skills. I purchased Reader’s Digest COMPLETE GUIDE TO NEEDLEWORK: Embroidery, Needlepoint, Knitting, Applique, Quilting, Patchwork, Macrame, Crochet, Rug-Making, Lacework, which is the book my mom owns and the one I originally taught myself to crochet from.
crocheting 3
To get back into the swing of thing, I’m going to be making myself a scarf. Yesterday I found this scarf pattern, which should be perfect for this lovely handspun wool lavender yarn from a farm in Ohio.
crocheting 2
The past couple evenings I’ve been practicing my stitches, in the next couple days I’ll start my scarf.

Do you have any crafty winter hobbies?

Reading & Watching

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