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Carrollton Farmer’s Market

July 19th, 2008

Yesterday morning I went to the Carrollton Farmer’s Market. I love shopping at Farmer’s Markets to support local growers, plus it’s nice to know the names of the people that grow the produce I’m eating. There were a lot of booths selling plants (I held my ground as much as I wanted to buy a hydrangea vine). So what made it’s way into my grocery bag? (my reusable homemade cloth grocery bags of course, one lady actually commented on how much she liked them)

I bought a basket of red haven peaches, I think I might can these for winter, or perhaps a peach cobbler is in order?

The stand selling peaches was also selling apples (the father owned the peach orchard and the son owned the apple orchard). I bought a basket of Transparent apples, I’ve never heard of this kind before, but they said they were perfect for baking & making apple sauce. I may make some apple pie for Mr Chiots or perhaps some apple butter.

I found some fresh potatoes, I’ve always heard it’s like eating a whole new food when you have fresh potatoes, we’ll see. I haven’t decided how to cook these yet, so many choices.

I bought some small plums from some junior high boys that had a stand selling 100% organic fruit, they had blueberries and plums. They’re tiny little plums, the biggest one is smaller than a ping-pong ball. We ate a few of these for snack on the way home.

I also bought 2 onions, they look so nice and fresh compared to super market onions (they still had some green tops attached).

I found a huge red cabbage. I love braised cabbage, can’t wait to make a big batch with this!!!

I also bought some sweet corn up the road from Haynams (more about that in another post some day). This is the best corn for miles and miles. You have to get it ASAP or they’ll be sold out before you get there! Since sweet corn is best right after picking, we came home, steamed it up and had corn with homemade butter for lunch!

I bought one big yellow squash and got 2 more for free, I think these will be steamed & served with olive oil, salt & pepper. Or perhaps I’ll break down and make some bread? So what did I spend on all this stuff? The corn was $5/dozen, plums were $1.50/pint, potatoes $2/quart, cabbage $2, squash .50 for one the other 2 free, onions $1/each, apples $6/basket, peaches $16/basket. So $37 total for all that fresh produce, not to mention supporting people that are growing good food for us locals!

Oh yeah I forgot to mention I bought 2 flowering kale plants along with my cabbage so I got a discount. I’m so excited I wanted to start some from seeds but didn’t get the seeds in time. This will be great in the garden this fall & winter.

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