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Great Gardening Books: Creative Vegetable Gardening

August 12th, 2008

Creative Vegetable Gardeningis a useful book if you are interested in growing vegetables in non-traditional way. There are no squares of tilled earth lined with rows of veggies in this book. The garden photos and plans are creative and beautiful, often including a mix of perennials, bushes and edible plants all in the same garden. These gardens have structure in the winter and beauty in the summer. There were tons a great photos in this book and many different garden plans that could be implemented in many differently sized & shaped gardens. Joy includes a lot details in this book. It explains in depth how to make your own espalier fence or fruit tree, how to lay a garden path, and how to build small garden structures out of natural material. There is also a section in the back devoted to all kinds of garden plants and their specific growing conditions & needs. This book would be a great reference book for anyone interested in growing a beautiful edible garden.

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