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Quote of the Day

October 5th, 2008

This is why I buy local foods.

Close proximity to the source of food affords the best chance of appreciating food as it is born to be. It is no coincidence that fish tastes better near the sea, that wine is at its best when drawn directly from the cellar where it was raised, and tomatoes are the most succulent when pulled from your own backyard vines. When we eat “at the source,” we experience food in its most natural setting and the scents surrounding it blend comfortably and unforgettably with the meal itself. Having had these experiences even once sets a standard that later makes us nostalgic for what is missing. For the cook who knows the difference, the trouble lies in both seeking out and preserving the native quality of food.

-Paul Bertolli (Cooking by Hand)

I think this is why my tomatoes are so tasty, they’re grown 5-25 feet away from the kitchen. I also think this is why my Farmer’s Market produce is so delicious. So what do you think? Does fish really taste better by the sea? I know I’ve had some pretty delicious lobster rolls up in Maine.

One Comment to “Quote of the Day”
  1. Jennifer on October 5, 2008 at 10:05 pm

    I can tell you that the fish I get from the fish monger at the farmer’s market is 100x better than the fish I get from the super market. The haddock I get at the supermarket is $14/lb, oily, smelly, and even after SJ has tried to make it palatable, I’d have to force myself to finish it. The haddock from the farmer’s market is $12/lb, not oily, not smelly, and I ask for more! It’s been the most dramatic difference for us, and it’s also one of the few items that’s been cheaper for us (though, we buy more of it now!) Sure, we can tell the difference between the Florida baseball tomatoes and the heirlooms at the market, but the taste difference with the fish has just been astonishing. I’m guessing that since the monger brings it right from the dock, and the super market re-chills whatever doesn’t sell one day, and puts it back out the next day, it’s not so fresh… fresh fish makes all the difference in the world.

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