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The Season of Giving

December 6th, 2008

Mr Chiots and are big advocates of donating to charity. Not just any charity, we believe in donating to a charity that you feel strongly about and want to get involved in. This is why we travel to Colombia every now and then to make videos to help raise money for a school down there that provides an education for poor children.

We also donate money to the International Rett Syndrome Foundation and to the Rett Syndrome Research Trust to help research new drugs to help treat and cure Rett Syndrome girls. We are involved in this charity because some friends of ours have a beautiful daughter Brooklyn with Rett Syndrome.

I wrote about Brooklyn back at the beginning of October since it was Rett Sydrome Awareness month. If you’d like to read up on Rett Syndrome you can visit Brooklyn’s Blog. We’re going to be scheduling a trip up to visit Brooklyn and her family this winter so we can make a video to raise awareness and help raise money for treatment for Rett Sydrome.

We believe in being especially involved this time of year. We don’t just spend money on our friends and families, we also donate money to charities and do things that help others. We’ll be sponsoring a drug in Brooklyn’s honor over at Rett Syndrome Research Trust. You can also donate to IRSF in Brooklyn’s honor to help find a cure for her and other girls like her. We’ll also be sponsoring several poor children in Colombia through the Colombian Christian Mission by paying for them to have a quality education.

Here’s a short video (3-4 min) we made about the Colegio Peniel Scholarship program.

[flv:/video/colegio_peniel_scholarships.flv 480 320]

So what charities are you involved in? Do you do more for your charities around the holidays?

2 Comments to “The Season of Giving”
  1. N. on December 6, 2008 at 8:46 am

    We make regular donations to our Church and I just started making regular donations to our local food bank. In the past I’ve donated to a variety of organizations through work. Unfortunately my current job doesn’t participate in this program and J. and I are reassessing where to donate to.

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  2. Kelly on December 6, 2008 at 12:03 pm

    Thanks Susy! What a great post! As you know we donate to Rett Syndrome organizations:) But also support charities that a dear to our friends like MADD, and March of Dimes.

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