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Hello Sunshine

March 22nd, 2014

The days sure are brighter now that the sun in the the sky for a few more hours.  You can tell that it actually warms the house significantly, on sunny days we don’t even need a fire to warm up the house.
chickens 1
chickens 2
I’m not the only one loving it, the chickens are as well.  They’ll be much happier when the grass starts to green up, until then they’ll be happily finding bugs and other goodies under the leaf litter.

Have you noticed more light in your days?

8 Comments to “Hello Sunshine”
  1. daisy on March 22, 2014 at 6:18 am

    Believe it or not, we had to start using the A/C yesterday. Ugh. Your chickens look mighty happy roaming around!

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  2. Kathi cook on March 22, 2014 at 7:37 am

    Your chickens are beautiful! Yes I am loving the extra light-have just stopped using my happy lamp that I use all winter due to the lack of sun. My living room has 7 south facing windows so it really warms up our chilly house. There may be snow on the ground but there is no denying that spring is here.

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  3. Songbirdtiff on March 22, 2014 at 8:19 am

    I’m so happy for the longer days. I am still adjusting to the mindset that its light after dinner and that I have more time outside.

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  4. Nebraska Dave on March 22, 2014 at 8:44 am

    Susy, yes, I’m well aware of the daylight time change giving that extra hour of daylight in the evening. Dinner time for the nine year old grandson has moved from 6pm to 7:30pm due to play time outside. I can’t hardly deny him that after the long cold winter months of being cooped up inside. So once again the neighborhood is safe by posting centennial spies high atop strategic trees to spot wandering marauders and alien invaders as he and the neighbor boys flail the air with stick swords and toy megatron rifles. Ah, man, just another thing I love about Spring.

    Have a great sunshine day.

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  5. Misti on March 22, 2014 at 9:48 am

    I have a feeling by April we’ll be turning on the AC here, at least for a few hours.

    I’m still not used to the light in the evenings yet…I keep getting confused thinking it is earlier than it actually is.

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  6. Jennifer Fisk on March 22, 2014 at 7:41 pm

    I unplugged the chicken house light last night. I think they are close enough to 14 hours to not notice.

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  7. Kyle on March 23, 2014 at 3:13 pm

    My girls’ feed consumption has plummeted now that the yard is a bit warmer and the bugs are starting to move again!

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  8. Colleen on March 24, 2014 at 12:27 am

    Yes! so happy for more light in the day. My hens are happy too, they are staying out later and later, almost 7:30 before they head for bed.

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