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October 19th, 2014

Last night I was down eating dinner at the neighbor’s house and a thunderstorm moved through. All of a sudden lighting struck and a spark came out of the outlet in the kitchen. Then there was no internet. After looking around the next morning they seem to think it hit a big tree and the little one room schoolhouse a little ways down the road. But that means there is no internet, so no blog posts, no photos. I’m down at the local elementary school with our neighbor BJ getting a little work done. Not sure when it will come back on, stay tuned, I’ll be back to blogging like normal when it does. At least we still have electricity!

2 Comments to “ZAP”
  1. Nebraska Dave on October 19, 2014 at 7:52 pm

    Susy, I’m glad you are ok. That had to be scary when sparks came out of the electrical socket. Is the Internet down just in your house or over an area of houses? As good as the protection for sensitive electrical devices are spikes still get through and damage equipment. I sure hope and pray that your service comes up soon because I know that is both you and Brian’s lively hood. Of course I’m selfish and want to see your blog each morning but income is more important than blog entries.

    Have the best day you can.

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  2. Joan on October 21, 2014 at 9:51 am

    I am really glad that you were all okay! Sorry about losing your internet though…

    When we lived in Colorado we had six lightning hits on our one acre ridgetop property in the five years we lived there. Two of them came into the house – one hit a tree over the septic field then about six feet from the ground jumped to an adjacent tree, went through the iron septic pipes into the house, and blew out some ceiling tiles in the basement. The second was even worse. We were all standing in the kitchen, heard and felt this huge bang, then watched our son’s wooden swing in the backyard get blasted to pieces. The lightening hit the tree about 15′ from our house, ran down the tree, burned portions of our wooden fence next to it, then traveled into the house. I felt it in my arm but wasn’t harmed, though my arm hurt for days. Very scary! This hit wiped out every appliance in our house. Some of them took up to a year to fail so these weren’t covered by insurance (like the furnace!). When we talked to our insurance agent he said to make sure to check every appliance to see if it was working because they could only cover the ones that failed immediately. But he also warned us that everything electrical would fail within the next year, and he was right. Four other trees took hits in other storms, but were further from the house.

    I was relieved to finally move out of that house, even though it was beautiful and had wonderful views of the Continental Divide. Between the lightning storms and the frequent forest fires it was a very stressful place to live!

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