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Finally Here

November 25th, 2015

We woke up Monday morning to an inch and a half of snow. It was beautiful, though I had a few chores that were more difficult because of the snow. I’m already loving how nicely the boxwood looks in the winter, the structure it adds is just what I was hoping for.
first snow 1
With the snow came the cold weather, temperatures are starting to dip down into the teens at night. The duck pond needs a heater, as does the waterer in the chicken coop.
first snow 2
This time of year, the freezing of the ground makes me move on towards other winter chores, mostly cleaning out chicken/duck coops and getting them set up for the winter. I’m always thankful for the lovely nutrient rich mulch provided by this chore. Usually it’s used on a newer area in the garden. It makes a fantastic week free bed come spring. After these chores I’m finally finished up for the year with a few weeks to spare, now it’s time to plan next year!

What end of the year chores are you finishing up?

2 Comments to “Finally Here”
  1. Nebraska Dave on November 25, 2015 at 10:45 pm

    Susy, I’m still working on mulching and building new raised beds at Terra Nova Gardens. It is starting to get down below freezing at night but it’s still in the 50s during the day. It looks like Thanksgiving is going to get ugly here. The weather is supposed to start with rain at noon time then turn to freezing rain and then snow. The worst scenario ever. All the water tanks are drained and the hoses still must be put away for the Winter. I’m going to still work on the garden structure as long as I can.

    Have a great garden ending day.

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  2. Jennifer Fisk on November 27, 2015 at 2:44 pm

    I spent part of Tuesday plasticizing my two bucks hutches. They are on the south west side of my barn so are protected from our typical winter storm, the noreaster. I have swapped out waterers for Fortex rubber bowls for all poultry and rabbits. Makes ice a lot easier to deal with. I need to pull my beets before the ground freezes for good. And probably it wouldn’t hurt to place shovels in handy places and maybe gas up the snowblower.

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