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Friday Favorite: Nightlights

January 8th, 2016

This house is dark, extremely dark. There are not many light fixtures and many of them are those old fluorescent fixtures with the bulbs built in, you know the ones you have to change out the entire light fixture when it dies or gets really dim – ugh. The result is that we have little lamps here and there, one hung over the kitchen sink so you can see when you’re washing dishes, one hung over one of the counters in the kitchen so you can see when you’re trying to cut vegetables, etc. It’s a constant challenge to have enough light to do anything in the evening, which is a big issue in the winter when darkness fall at 3 pm.
auto night lights 1
Even with lamps everywhere there are still really dark spots, in particularly inconvenient places. Like the front door for example, there’s a little light outside the little vestibule, but it’s only on if we remember to turn it on before we leave, which rarely happens. Inside the vestibule there is no light, none at all, it’s very difficult to get the door unlocked. In fact, we both carry flashlights on our person all the time, because they are needed when arriving home after day. A few weeks ago I purchased Mr. Beams MB723 Battery-Powered Motion-Sensing LED Stick-Anywhere Nightlight and they’re AMAZING. We have two in the vestibule and now they automatically come on when it’s dark outside – genius.
auto night lights 2
I also have one of these in one of the dark closets that has no light nearby and no outlet to be able to add a lamp. It’s perfect, I can now find my coat, hat, mittens, when I need to. These lights are fantastic and I’ll definitely be getting more of them, especially a few outdoor ones to light up various dark parts of the house/garden. We use our Eneloop rechargeable batteries and they work perfectly.

Have you discovered any great products recently that wondered how you lived without?

3 Comments to “Friday Favorite: Nightlights”
  1. Mary Z on January 8, 2016 at 10:28 am

    I recently bought a Roomba. Is it perfect? No, but it’s good enough. We got a dog last February whose coat was stripped when we got him, so we didn’t know the breed. He’s a husky mix who constantly sheds. We run the little robot vacuum several times a week when we go for a walk and by the time we’re back, it’s cleaned the main living area. Now we need a dustbot.

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  2. Nebraska Dave on January 8, 2016 at 11:43 am

    Susy, I can’t say that I found any new exciting gadget that makes my life greatly enhanced but I did find a new weed trimmer that’s way better and heavier duty than the one I now have in the bargain area of my big box store. It was in the Christmas reduced price bargain area. It is a heavy duty one with gator string. Gator string is a plastic string with a metal core which is just what I need to knock down those obnoxious weeds at Terra Nova Garden. Yes, I’m still battling monster weeds that grow incredibly fast. Some got as high as a small tree last year. Terra Nova Gardens is divided into four square areas. Each measures 30X30 feet. Three of those areas are control weed control but the fourth, that will be worked on this year, was totally out of control last year. 2016 will be another year with accomplishments.

    Really? Dark at 3pm? I thought it was bad here being dark at 5:30pm.

    Have a great lighted night.

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  3. Angie on January 8, 2016 at 12:15 pm

    I need these…it is a maze to get up at night to go to tge bathroom with dogs laying everywhere! I step gently and cautiously!

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