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Slowly, But Surely

March 31st, 2016

All those seeds I purchased last fall and stratified for months in the fridge are finally starting to germinate. I have three tiny osage orange seedlings and one Dutchman’s Pipe that has germinated so far.
osage orange seedlings 1
osage orange seedlings 2
I’m still waiting on three more varieties to germinate, hopefully they will soon. Some of the varieties I started can take up to 3 months to germinate. One thing I love about gardening is this exact thing, someday, when these osage orange trees are big, I’ll remember the tiny seed emerging from feta cheese container that I kept in the fridge over the winter. It’s so fun to try germinating different types of seeds to see what happens.

Have you started any interesting trees/vines from seed in the past?

One Comment to “Slowly, But Surely”
  1. Ilene on March 31, 2016 at 6:45 am

    I started Osage Orange from seed several years ago! What I did was to cut up one of the “oranges”, and buried the pieces. This was done during the summer. The next year, in early spring, the seedlings came up thickly in each planting spot. I thinned to about eight plants right away, and kept the grass and weeds pulled away all summer. I have trouble with rabbits eating young tree seedlings down to ground level so I kept a chicken-wire barricade around each spot. The following year I thinned to four plants, and the year after, I removed three. I have ten trees growing along the edge of our land, about three feet apart and am now considering whether I’ll cut down any or just leave them the way they are, to become a “living fence”. I hadn’t really expected all of them to thrive the way they have, as our land is very rocky, and usually before I plant a tree I dig out a LOT of rock. These, I just dug a shallow hole so I thought surely some of them wouldn’t make it because they wouldn’t be able to get their roots down into the ground very far. I was really shooting for only one good, healthy, well-rooted tree. I guess the joke’s on me….

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