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Sewing Up a Storm

May 9th, 2016

Yesterday was Mother’s Day, I called my mom and sewed a ton of zipper pouches for orphans in Indonesia. They will be filled with goodies from local businesses and delivered later this summer.
zipper pouches 6
zipper pouches 3
zipper pouches 5
A friend started this project and we’ve been working on them here and there as we can. We are making each one unique, hoping the girl that gets them will love that hers is different than everyone else’s. It has been a really fun project, we have more orphanages we can make them for as well if we have the time. For now we’re committed to making 60.
zipper pouches 1
Choosing fabrics, zippers, thread, and decorative stitches has been lots of fun. I love to sew and don’t need a ton of sewing for myself, this has been the perfect way to enjoy my hobby while doing something for someone else.
zipper pouches 2
zipper pouches 4
I can’t think of a more perfect way to celebrate Mother’s Day than by making something for motherless children.

How did you celebrate Mother’s Day?

4 Comments to “Sewing Up a Storm”
  1. carol on May 9, 2016 at 9:16 am

    What a wonderful thing to do. Not only a talented gardener but a talented sewer as well. The pouches are beautiful and I’m sure the recipients will love them! The amount of things you accomplish amazes me.

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  2. Nebraska Dave on May 9, 2016 at 10:07 am

    Susie, this Mother’s day was a learning experience for my grandson. We shopped for his mother’s present and planned a special place to eat dinner. We bought a special card that he picked out. We had conversations about honoring his mother and his wife when he gets one. I’m not sure that it all sank in but there’s a few more years before he’s on his own to reinforce the things we talked about.

    Have a great sewing up a storm day.

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  3. Jodiana on May 9, 2016 at 10:20 am

    Those bags are lovely. You do great work. I am positive the girl’s getting them will be very excited. Hope you have a great day.

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  4. Deb on May 9, 2016 at 12:02 pm

    Great idea. I made 50 hygiene pads for young girls who cannot go to school as they have no undies and/or pads when they have their periods. it was fun and very inexpensive to do. I bought the required amount of undies to go with the pad. 4 pr. per 10 pads. they include ibuprofen pills and safety pins also. I provided pins too. it was fun and I hope to do it this year also. I’m toying with making those ‘pillowcase’ dresses for girls also although most do not use them, just fabric and trims. But I need to make my daughter’s wedding dress and mother of bride dresses by early next year. It depends on how the garden is also. Your pouches are very pretty and it’s neat that each one is different. Look very durable also. How big are they and what will they receive in them? Thanks for sharing.

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