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Cady’s Fall Nursery Details

June 20th, 2016

I’m always noticing little details in gardens that I visit, things I can incorporate into my garden, especially when they’re inexpensive and easy. Here are a few details I noticed when I visited Cady’s Falls Nursery (see this post and this post for photos of the nursery).
cadys falls nursery details 1 (1)
The plant markers were made from strips of copper, genius! They look great, ages beautifully, and will last a lifetime. I also love how they blend into the garden instead of standing out.
cadys falls nursery details 1
This simple garden bench made from cinder blocks and a large plant of wood made a beautiful bench, it would be super easy to make, very inexpensive, and it looks fantastic!
cadys falls nursery details 2 (1)
Who doesn’t love gravel walkways and rocks? Gravel is my favorite paving surface in the garden, I love the sound and feel underfoot. I especially loved this detail where they added a few rocks to create a bit of a step on a slope.
cadys falls nursery details 2
Simple boards buried in the ground to create a clean and classy edging. I have access to cedar and could incorporate this in my garden for a few dozen eggs (I barter eggs for cedar from a friend with a mill).
cadys falls nursery details 3
These rebar half circles used throughout the gardens to hold back plants and create interest were one of my favorite things. I’m definitely buying rebar to make a few of these soon. They would come in very handy for keeping plants from smothering each other and falling out into the pathways of the garden. I think they will be stunning in the winter as well.
cadys falls nursery details 4
In Ohio I had loads of rocks and all my flowerbeds were edged with rocks to help retain the soil/mulch in the border. I really need to think about doing the same here as I have lots of sloping flowerbeds and the compost has a habit of traveling from the bed into the lawn. I was reminded of how convenient it was. This is also a nice way to mark specific plants that die back in winter.

What garden accents and details are you favorite? Have you picked up any great ideas from local garden tours or nurseries?

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