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First Bouquet

June 27th, 2016

This is my first year with a dedicated cutting garden, which isn’t really all that large. I don’t generally grow flowers just for cutting, most of my time is spent growing vegetables for the table. On
Saturday, I harvested my first flowers started from seed just for bouquets.
garden bouquet 2
garden bouquet 1
I made two boquets featuring: peonies, poppies, snapdragons, foxglove, coriander flowers, bronze fennel, sage blossoms, and ninebark branches in shades of pink and purple. The second was orange and yellow, featuring tithonia torch, snapdragons, coriander flowers, alexander, and bronze fennel.
garden bouquet 3
garden bouquet 4
I have stock flowers that are just starting to bloom, along with a few other things that will make small arrangements this week. I’m particularly looking forward to the black tipped wheat I started for fall arrangements, I do currently have overwintered rye that will grace my arrangements this coming week. Right now the cutting garden is a bit of a mess, I planted everything in the fallow section of the main garden in loose rows. I definitely need to figure out a better configuration for the cutting garden next year.

What flowers are gracing your table and garden this week?

3 Comments to “First Bouquet”
  1. bonnie knox on June 27, 2016 at 10:09 am

    I had not thought of using coriander in a bouquet. I have some blooming since it self seeds fairly well. How long does it last in the vase?

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    • Susy on June 28, 2016 at 8:17 am

      They are great in a vase, they last just as long as most other flowers.

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  2. Nebraska Dave on June 29, 2016 at 9:23 am

    Susy, I finally planted some flowers just for fun. I planted Forget Me Nots and Foxglove. Since, I’m not a flower guy, I do hope that I haven’t removed the flowers and left the weeds during the weeding procedure.. It’s been a new and different kind of gardening for me.

    Your flower arrangement looks awesome. I’m not sure I would cut mine but let them last a little longer in the flower bed. Have a great bouquet arranging day.

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