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Friday Favorite: The Truck

July 15th, 2016

We have this old red truck that we got with this property, in the winter it keeps the snow off the driveway. In the summer it is pressed into service hauling water for the back garden.
trusty truck
We fill a 100 gallon tank in the bed and I use it to fill waterings cans, which I haul to the garden to water things. I should think about buying a few more hoses so I can reach the garden from the spigots on the house, but until then we’ll use the trusty old truck. It’s actually a good way to run it weekly in the summer.

Do you have any garden areas out of reach of your hoses? How do you water them?

2 Comments to “Friday Favorite: The Truck”
  1. Jodiana on July 15, 2016 at 8:06 am

    I have cheapo watering cans that I use to water my back garden. I stretch the hose as far as I can then make as many trips as I need. Thankfully it is not a huge area(25×25) and it doesn’t take to long! As dry as it’s been here, watering has been happening very often. Last night we finally got a good amount of rain, so I can take a rest from watering duty.

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  2. Nebraska Dave on July 15, 2016 at 9:28 am

    Susy, ha, you know me. I’ve always got a garden project in progress. The first year I gardened at Terra Nova Gardens, it was a dry year so I hauled water in two 55 gallon barrels two to three times a week for most of the summer. The next year I started developing the natural spring ans was able to dig it out enough to be able to dip water out in a five gallon bucket and water that way. This year I built a mini water tower with three 55 gallon barrels that sit shoulder high. I’ve sunk another 55 gallon barrel down into the spring and can pump out 40 gallons of water into the mini water tower for watering the garden. The design works but it’s really in a rough looking state right now. Hopefully, before the snow flies, I’ll be able to tidy it up some. Eventually, it will be part of an automatic irrigation system. Maybe that will happen next year.

    Have a great watering can day.

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