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Quote of the Day: Rosemary Verey

July 14th, 2017

“We must all examine our environment, always gaining inspiration from existing natural features; we will then enhance rather than overwhelm our surroundings.”

Rosemary Verey in Making of a Garden.

I’ve been considering this idea as I walk around my garden. Truth be told, this idea is much more important when you live on a large property and have sweeping views or lots of woodland. Our property has a few acres of cleared land, a lovely view to the coastal mountain range, and acres of woods.

It can be hard to decide what to plant to tame the areas around the house but not distract from the natural surroundings. The nice this is that I have lovely backdrops for the various gardens here at Chiot’s Run. Mature woodland edges are always lovely behind a garden, especially when they’re far enough away to not suck all the moisture and nutrients from your plants.

What things in your environment do you need to consider when planning/adapting your garden?

One Comment to “Quote of the Day: Rosemary Verey”
  1. Nebraska Dave on July 14, 2017 at 7:49 am

    Susy, even though Terra Nova Gardens is in the inner city, the backdrop is a high wooded bank behind the gardens. It gives the impression of ongoing woods but the city noises tell a different story. The last time I was at the garden two ran through the wooded bank. There’s an abundance of wildlife in the wooded area. Both sides of my garden are wild untamed vacant lots. So I’m surrounded by wooded areas except for my little parcel of paradise It will still be in the development stage for a few more years. Like most gardeners, change and improvements are a continual thing every year.

    Have a great day in the making of a garden.

    P.S. .By the way the book you recommended “Perennial Combinations: Stunning Combinations That Make Your Garden Look Fantastic Right from the Start (Rodale Garden Book) ” is an awesome book that will help my future endeavor into the beautification of garden and home. Thanks for the heads up.

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