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Finding Beauty in the Everyday

September 12th, 2017

Yesterday, I was putting some elderberry stems into the compost bowl and noticed how lovely it was. Perhaps it was because it was dominated by the color purple, perhaps it was the textures. Either way, I noticed that the compost bowl was beautiful, not just now, but would provide beautiful things for my garden when they composted down.

Sometimes it can be tough to find beauty in the midst of the mundane daily things, but if we look at things differently or stop to notice the colors, textures, and light, we may just be able to find beauty in the everyday. This time of year I especially notice the angle of the sun. While I’m sad that the days are getting shorter and summer is coming to an end, the angle of the sun provides a much more beautiful light in which to observe our gardens. It’s almost like we get golden days instead of golden hours right before sunset. You can bet that this time of year I’ll be out soaking up every single drop of this last beautiful light.

What are you noticing beauty in these days?

2 Comments to “Finding Beauty in the Everyday”
  1. Angie on September 12, 2017 at 8:40 am

    I was just noticing the overlap of beauty of the seasons, as I was admiring my summer flowers against the backdrop of the fall changes that are starting….colorful dead leaves already are sprinkled across my yard and the leaves are changing on the trees.

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  2. Nebraska Dave on September 13, 2017 at 8:24 am

    Susy, Fall is beginning here as well. As you have indicated the sky is changing to the look of Fall. Hostas are in full bloom which is a statement about the coming cooler weather and the end of summer. The harvesting and preserving is in full swing and another 10 stuffed peppers were cooked and frozen yesterday. A total of 22 have been preserved for Winter eating. This year I’ve preserved more than any other year. Sweet corn, pickles, green beans, stuffed peppers, and sauerkraut. It’s nice to be able to just garden next year and not have to build any more beds. I’ve decided that 12 beds are enough for now. It’s time to learn how best to manage the ones I have before building more. Three fourths of Terra Nova Gardens has been developed. It’s time to kick back and learn how best to preserve and use the produce that comes from the garden.

    Have a great day in nature’s fall beauty.

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