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Last Day?

October 16th, 2017

We haven’t had a frost yet here in the garden, but it’s really only a matter of time. Tonight they are predicting the lows to be 30 – brrrr, that’s cold. We may have a freeze before we have a frost. I’ve been wanting to plant a cover crop in the side of the main garden that housed tomatoes, peppers, and squash, but I have been dragging my feet because the nasturtiums that were surrounding the tomatoes are still blooming like crazy.

The bees are loving them so much, I simply haven’t been able to rip them all up. No doubt, tomorrow morning they will be gone. Then I can get on with planting cover crops and moving towards putting the garden to bed for winter.

Most of the garden still looks really great. It’s hard to believe that the snow will be flying soon. This gardener is certainly looking forward to a bit of rest though and a bit of sewing as well.

Have you had a frost/freeze in your garden yet?

2 Comments to “Last Day?”
  1. Nebraska Dave on October 16, 2017 at 9:06 am

    Susy, no frost here yet. The first frost date for my area is October 15th so it will be any day now. I am so far behind with garden cleanup this year. Too many things with family and friends have put me behind in the garden area of life. Today will be canning potato soup. The potato crop did really well this year. Soup will be made from the potatoes that were stuck by the fork when digging them up. I have preserved green beans, pickles, sauerkraut, and now potatoes. It’s the most I’ve ever preserved in one year. Next year will be even more as the structure of the garden is mostly completed so I can strictly concentrate on gardening without the addition of building new beds and such. Of course there’s still a lot of garden projects to work on but they won’t be number one priority.

    Have a great before garden frost day.

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  2. Misti on October 16, 2017 at 9:48 am

    Our first freeze is somewhere in December usually. We’ve had a couple of cool fronts so far this fall but the one that arrived yesterday is the coolest by far. But it’ll be hot and humid by the end of the week so it won’t last long!

    Hope you get your cover crop in!

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