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A Whirlwind Weekend

November 7th, 2017

This past weekend, Mr Chiots and I were back in Ohio for a wedding. We happened to be in the Columbus and Dayton areas visiting with friends, eating good food, and learning a bit of history. While in Dayton, we visited the Carillon Historical Park and really enjoyed learning about the history of business in the Dayton area. I knew some of Dayton’s history, but not how much of a role they played in so many aspects of our current lives (air conditioning, cash registers, and bar code scanners were invented there).

We saw the Wright brother’s plane of course, being an Ohioan, we knew all about the Wright brothers. It was a great place to visit, I highly recommend the Carillon Historical Park if you are in the area. The tavern located on the grounds is also a great spot to grab lunch.

Naturally, we visited a few nostalgic spots that we loved, Graeter’s Ice Cream being one of them. I consumed a lot of their ice cream while I was at college in Cincinnati.

Do you have any trips planned? Any great historical sites/museums to recommend?

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